This is a Virginia DMV-licensed online driver improvement program provided by 247drive.


CDL holder

If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), this computer-based driver improvement clinic will not satisfy a driver improvement clinic requirement. You must satisfactorily complete a clinic that provides classroom instruction.

  1. Enter and confirm your email address. This will be your username when you log in.
  2. Enter your personal information as requested.
  3. Enter your reason for course attendance.
  4. Click “Create new account” button to proceed to the subscription selection page.
  5. Select your subscription access length and any applicable mailed certificate of completion.
  6. Click “Add to cart” button to proceed to checkout.
  7. Confirm your cart order.
  8. Complete billing information and purchase the subscription.
  9. To start the course, click the “Course” tab from the navigation bar.
  10. Complete all training modules and reach a minimum of 8 hours of in-course time to become eligible to take the required final exam.
  11. Follow the final exam instructions from the email you will receive when you have reached the minimum eligibility requirements to take the final exam.
  12. Take and pass the final exam (with a minimum passing score of 80%).